Showcasing our accomplished projects

Restaurant Management System

Fully-featured Custom and Realtime Restaurant Management Platform

The system components work in parallel to deliver the results in real-time. The system manages all the daily tasks thoroughly in a unique fashion. An Android app has also been developed to manage incoming calls to ease the operations tasks even further.


Transportation management

The web-application allows the users who are in various authoritative levels to ease the process of handling numerous transit orders and easily track their goods together with the smartphone apps (Android & iOS) to track the delivery for the customers.

Bar Association

Iraqi Kurdistan Bar Association

The web-based application allows the officials of the "Iraqi Kurdistan Bar Association" to handle their huge count of lawyers' requests simply and reliably to accelerate their processings.


Medical Laboratroy Management System

eLab web-based management system helps labs with their casual routines. it utilizes a beautiful, powerful and user-friendly interface. The system offers streamlining facilities in various clinical phases that a medical laboratory is about to manage.


Online File Store

The gorgeous yet very powerful online file store provides a wide range of facilities to the administrators to sell their files online. It's just beautiful! take a look ;)


West Azarbaijan Graphics Designers' Association

The web-based management system allows the authorities to collaboratively manage the tasks of the association in a non-centeralized fashion to accelerated the tasks to their respective designers and advertisement agencies.

Museum of Mardin

A modern & historical culture reminiscence

The TattoBox system is developed for the Museum of Mardin (Turkey). The truly gorgeous Multimedia client application along with its web-based application, let the museum to promote their historical culture in a modern reminiscence.

Warcraft3 Mod

The package of WorldEditor Mod

The package together with its beautiful & dedicated store landing page and its management environment have provided a nice way to promote the product to its lovers.

Discount Cards

Managing the issued discount cards

The multi-store discount-cards issued in a chained store is very easily managed by a dedicated system designed exactly to do so.

Online Tracking

Fardazarbaijan Co.

The system together with its WindowsPhone application lets the managers track their personnel in realtime while they are delivering the very fresh products to their customers.